VMworld 2021 session picks

VMworld is almost upon us again. Virtual for now, but I know we’ll be able to all gather again soon.

Why should you attend VMworld? Perhaps you’re a vSphere admin and want to jump-start your modern apps capability. Or you want to understand why apps are the lifeblood of business in today’s digital economy? You can even learn how Zoom and VMware have partnered to enable the hybrid workforce wave that has swept the world. Even better, hear from Michael J. Fox on how to remain optimistic in the face of life’s challenges.

VMware has clear commitment to our 2030 sustainability agenda, and in that spirit, VMware will plant one tree for every person that attends VMworld. For every 5,000 that attend, VMware will plant 1,000 mangrove trees!

As always, there’s a significant amount of content available at the VMworld tracks listing. I’ve done my best to summarise my picks of the best sessions.


A Big Update on vRealize Operations

I’ve written before about how much value I’ve gained from vRealize Ops over the years. Every customer I speak to operating in multiple clouds can see significant benefit with vRealize Ops, from consistent visibility, troubleshooting, cost and capacity management, to application and hardware monitoring. Take 30 minutes to see the significant updates that VMware has built into vRealize Ops.

Expand your hybrid cloud options by combining VMware with AWS Services

A significant topic of conversation for me recently has been the power of combining VMware’s capability with AWS. It’s not an either or prospect, think of how it can be both. Learn how others are combining the best enterprise software capability with AWS scale and reach.


Radically simplifying consumption of networking & security

Who doesn’t want a simpler network structure? Organisations I work with are fast realising that the only way to keep up with the rate of change required these days is to simplify and automate. Learn how to build and consume a simpler network architecture, saving time and increasing security.

A Modern Network: In-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud connectivity as a service

Multi-cloud is a reality for most enterprises today, whether they like it or not. If you’re in multiple clouds, shouldn’t you have the flexibility to deploy consistently, and move apps and data between on-prem and public clouds without outages? Why should you have to manage each public cloud environment separately? You don’t! Come to this session to find out how to build a modern multi-cloud network.


From vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer – where do I start?

I think this will be one of my favourite sessions. I’ve spent enough time in the trenches as a vSphere admin and architect to be able to appreciate the challenges facing modern sysadmins, and I know it’s a constant battle to keep your skills up. So how does a vSphere admin become an SRE anyway? Let’s find out!

Stop Container Abuse Now

Repeat after me – containers are not little VMs. Good. Containers are a completely different beast. Learn how treating them like VMs is just adding complexity, risk and cost to your environment. You’ll see how VMware Tanzu takes a lot of the pain away, automating the build, run and manage of large scale container environments.


Mount a robust defence in depth strategy against Ransomware

Ransomware is a hyper-critical concern for most organisations I speak to. The existing high walled strategy no longer works – the valuable users and data now live well outside the perimeter. Learn how to detect and respond to attacks, regardless of where they originate.

End User

Australia Post improves retail customer experience while empowering associates

I love this story. Learn how Aussie Post used VMware technology and services to not only survive, but thrive during COVID-19.

Inspire Change

Data Center Sustailability Stretegies: A win for your budget and the planet

In 2018, VMware helped customers avoid some 145 million metric tons of CO2. Learn how we’re continuing to drive change by helping customers consume private and public clouds more intelligently to reduce carbon emissions and costs.

How VMware drives innovation through diverse collaborative teams

Learn how VMware has been leveraging our diverse, globalised workforce to build productive and highly skilled teams. Find out some of the innovative techniques used in this COVID era to get the best out of your organisation.


I’m excited to see what VMworld 2021 has to offer and I think these ten sessions are a good insight into what you can expect. Keep a close eye out on the networking track, you might see a familiar face there (shh!). Make sure you join us from the 5th to 7th of October!