VMware Pulse IoT – Enroll a gateway using basic authentication

Install Pulse agent on gateway

  1. Download the package – click cog at top right of Pulse console, select “downloads”
  2. Download appropriate agent with wget – e.g. wget -O pulse.tar.gz https://PULSEIOTSERVER.com/api/iotc-agent/iotc-agent-x86_64-2.0.1-14869950.tar.gz
  3. Apply execute permissions to Pulse bundle sudo chmod +x pulse.tar.gz
  4. Extract bundle tar -xzvf pulse.tar.gz
  5. Navigate to Pulse folder cd pulse
  6. Run installer sudo ./install.sh
  7. Confirm agent service running with service-iotc-agent status
  8. Reboot before proceeding

Enroll using basic authentication

  1. Log in to device via SSH
  2. cd /opt/vmware/iotc-agent/bin
  3. Enroll device with command ./DefaultClient enroll --auth-type=BASIC --template=TEMPLATENAME --name=DEVICENAME --username=USERNAME@pulse.local
  4. Hopefully you get a return like the below