Custom service monitoring with vRealize Operations

I recently wrote about app discovery in vRealize Operations. This is great if the service you intend to monitor is contained within the 30 or so out-of-the-box services, but what if you want to discover and monitor something else?

Good news, all you need to do is define the service, and you’re off and discovering.

From vRealize Operations, head to Manage Applications > Discover Services > Select Confure Allowed List

I’ve fired up Blazor in .NET on my test VM, so I want to enter the specifics for that service. Note that I’m obviously running this on a Windows machine, but we support Linux discovery as well.

After a few minutes, the service discovery engine has correctly identified Blazor running on one VM.

Now if I navigate to the VM, I can start to see some service discovery and monitoring information in context.

As you can see, this is a powerful capability that allows for large scale service discovery and monitoring across different OS types, without requiring guest OS credentials.